What We Do

We are The Succeed Foundation - a charity born from the vision of a world without eating disorders.

We work with academics and scientists to deliver evidence-based preventions and tools to support people with eating disorders, their carers and their families.

A Different Approach

Rather than provide direct support, Succeed focuses on collaborating with individuals with eating disorders, their carers and eating disorder researchers to develop the solutions and treatments of the future.

We have a unique approach that sets us apart. Find out about it here.

Central to Succeed’s philosophy is the belief in the power of the individual to contribute to positive change

However big the challenge we, as a society, have the power to make a difference. Above all we believe in the importance of sharing information that leads to better treatment.

Our innovative evidence-based treatments and our plans for a major online platform that will share information on eating disorders are just two ways in which we plan to reach our goals. We believe in the power of the individual to recover and to aid the recovery of others.

Here is some more information on our two flagship projects:

Skills for Carers

Our DVD for carers, 'How to Care for Someone with an Eating Disorder', uses the New Maudsley Approach to help carers develop skills and techniques to support their loved ones. Please read more here.


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Succeed Body Image Programme (SBIP)

Our Succeed Body Image Programme (SBIP) is a two day workshop for women attending British Universities that aims to promote healthy body image, challenge the thin ideal of female beauty, and prevent the onset of eating disorders. Please read more here.

We need YOUR help to support our work

You, the individual, could make a huge difference to our work. Find out how right here

Succeed believes in dealing with facts and works to establish evidence-based treatments

Treatments for eating disorders that are proved to work.  To this end the charity supports and sponsors quality scientific research that leads to a greater understanding of the issues involved - and from there to effective, consistent methods of treatment by the medical profession.

Succeed works with Scientists and Academics

The charity’s mission is strongly supported by close collaboration with key academic institutions in the UK and USA that inform our work in the arena of eating disorders.  Our Scientific Advisory Board is a veritable who’s who of eating-related academia. Their combined knowledge, insight and wisdom back up our vision and our practical work in this area.  Knowledge is power and part of our remit is to share that knowledge in order to give power to those with eating disorders to help themselves.

All People have the Seeds of Greatness in them

We will Succeed in Making a Difference

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