• Skills for Carers DVD - How to Care for Someone with an Eating Disorder

    Do you care for someone with an Eating Disorder? Learn the highly acclaimed techniques and skills with our engaging DVD, order from Amazon once available.

  • Up to 10% of women with anorexia nervosa may die due to related health problems. There is a lack of standards for best practice and global benchmarks for eating disorders care.

    We work to develop and establish standards and tools to further the understanding and tackling of these illnesses with all involved.

  • 8 years is the average age a girl starts dieting

    We look to investigate and tackle eating disorders at their roots and build preventive measures for people of all ages.

  • Less than 2% of the UK's R&D spend goes towards improving understanding of how health systems work and how to make sure the established knowledge is used to benefit patients

    We build platforms for dialogue between academics, sufferers, their friends and carers to promote dialogue and engagement to serve their respective needs.

  • 54% of people think their GP was not well informed about eating disorders

    We support academics and practitioners in building, collecting and disseminating knowledge, research and evidence for the benefit of all.

  • 20% of anorexia sufferers will die prematurely from their illness

    We investigate and tackle eating disorders at their roots, building evidence-based preventive programmes and effective treatments for people old and young, male and female.

  • 1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder

    Succeed supports innovative research by developing and funding projects that promote wellbeing and tackle the root of eating disorders and negative body image.

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Our Approach

Our Approach

The Succeed Foundation believes in an evidence-based approach to developing programmes and treatments for eating disorders. To ensure the best outcome, we ensure that we always adhere to six stages


Our Work

  • The Succeed Body Image Programme

    An evidence-based body image improvement and eating disorder prevention programme


  • Skills for Carers DVD

    How to Care for Someone with an Eating Disorder - our new DVD for Carers which will be launched on 22 November 2013. You will be able to order copies on Amazon soon!


  • Succeed Vodcast

    A collection of innovative self-help video interventions for individuals with eating disorders


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