Peer Productions - The Body Image Project

An educational theatre tour sponsored by The Succeed Foundation designed to raise awareness of eating disorders and the effect of negative body image, as well to empower young people to ask for help

Peer Productions - The Body Image Project

The Body Image Project by Peer Productions’ Touring Theatre Company toured from 21st May to 13th July 2012 with 30 free performances in schools in the South East of England. Peer Productions' Touring Theatre Company creates peer led, affordable drama productions which are designed to tour to secondary schools, colleges, youth and community groups.  

How does it work?

Peer Productions is currently carrying our research into eating disorders and body image with the aid of The Succeed Foundation. By working with those who have first-hand experience of problems with negative body image and researching local and national information on the subject, Peer Productions is able to develop an educational touring production which is designed to be performed in a school hall. Through these productions, school-aged children are equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed choices and reach out for support if they need it. It is fun too!

How did it come about?

Peer Productions looks for topics that are traditionally more difficult for teachers to address with their students and that might be suited to peer-led theatre. Previous topics have involved mental health, homophobia and alcoholism.

The Succeed Foundation was contacted by Peer Productions after results from our study on female body image were released in March of 2011. We fell in love with the work, and soon after The Body Image Project was born.

Watch the Trailer (warning - possible triggers):

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