The Succeed Body Image Programme

The Succeed Body Image Programme, written by Dr Carolyn Black Becker and Dr Eric Stice, is a two day workshop for women attending British Universities that aims to promote healthy body image, challenge the thin ideal of female beauty, and prevent the onset of eating disorders.

The Succeed Body Image Programme

The programme is based on over 11 years of scientific research, making it the first evidence-based eating disorder prevention programme that is led by fellow students, known as Peer Leaders in the UK.


The programme does not focus on eating disorders. Instead, it emphasises creating and reaffirming a positive and healthy personal body image through a variety of structured discussions, activities, and exercises. By doing so, participants learn to embrace the healthy ideal, reduce their own body dissatisfaction, decrease "fat talk" in their daily life and recognise all of the wonderful non-appearance related aspects of themselves and others.


The Succeed Body Image Programme is 2 sessions lasting for 2 hours each and is delivered by rigorously trained Peer Leaders who create a supportive environment for participants. Peer Leaders are responsible for running and managing the programme at their University, with the support and assistance of University staff. Our Peer Leaders are passionate about promoting healthy body image and are committed to making The Succeed Body Image Programme a success at their University.

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Participating Universities:

Roehampton University

University of the West of England (UWE)

Kingston University

University of Cambridge

The University of Warwick      

Oxford Brookes University


Further information

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Dr Carolyn Becker
Professor, Psychology
Dr Phillippa Diedrichs
Head of Research


"The Body Image Programme taught me that I am unique and should appreciate my body. Before completing the course I constantly worried about my weight and the way I looked, now I live my life and have fun rather than worrying about something that isn't an issue! "

"The programme helped me in many ways, it not only boosted my confidence but inspired me to become a peer leader and help other girls to find their beauty, gain confidence and perhaps minimize the effect of artificial beauty standards that are only stigmatising women."