Our Approach

The Succeed Foundation believes in an evidence-based approach to developing programmes and treatments for eating disorders. To ensure the best outcome, we ensure that we always adhere to the following six stages:


    Identifying research and ideas that fit with our goals and visions and forming relationships with key researchers.

    The Succeed Foundation envisions a world free from eating disorders. In order to achieve this we strive to unite the field of eating disorders by forming relationships with all involved and affected. We actively seek out research and ideas that can contribute to our vision and seek a balance of different approaches.

    To see who we are currently working with please visit our work page.


    Sponsoring research and partnering with research projects with the aim of developing practical solutions.

    The Succeed Foundation aims to work closely with academics and clinicians to develop programmes to help individuals with eating disorders and their carers. The body of research on eating disorders is a rich resource, but it isn't often translated into practical solutions. The purpose of the Succeed Foundation is to increase the amount of research that is developed into solutions in a targeted way. Some of the research we are involved with is as follows:

    • We are carrying out body image research as part of the Succeed Body Image Programme, including new research focused on male body image and research into body image issues in adult women post-university age.
    • We work with researchers to run studies into cognitive dissonance interventions to decrease negative body image and prevent eating disorders.
    • We are developing new practical and accessible applications for the New Maudsley Method to help treat eating disorders and help carers and their loved ones.

    It is early days for the Foundation, but we are constantly on the lookout for new projects. Please get in touch to tell us about your ideas and together we can improve people's lives.


    Adaptation of research into the most suitable format after marketing and branding studies to ensure viability and to identify the best possible route for dissemination.

    The Succeed Foundation brings experience in developing programmes and works hard to make them as effective as possible. This means carrying out market analyses to determine how best to adapt research and working with our partners to optimise dissemination. Ensuring that a programme is evaluated from a marketing viewpoint will provide greater reach and should result in helping a larger number of people.


    Piloting and thorough evaluation to test the effectiveness of the tool or programme and to confirm that the decided format works and is true to the original research and methodology.

    The Succeed Foundation strives to create the best possible tools and programmes to treat and prevent eating disorders. It is our conviction that this can best be achieved using an evidence-based approach. Evaluation of developing programmes is an important part of this approach and though it takes time, it’s only through evaluation that we know a programme works.

    Examples of our approach to evaluation include on-going work on The Succeed Body Image Programme and the Succeed Vodcasts.


    Dissemination through the most suitable channels.

    Dissemination of an evidence-based tool or programme is always the end goal for our projects. In collaboration with our partners, The Succeed Foundation aims to make these solutions available as widely as possible.

    This will eventually allow us to provide accessible recovery programmes to complement existing treatment programmes and hospital care for those suffering from all forms of eating disorders.


    On-going evaluation and further adaptations.

    The Succeed Foundation believes in a learning process. We will continue to evaluate, improve and expand existing support tools in partnership with researchers and adapt them to use new technologies when they arise.

    We are constantly building, collecting and disseminating knowledge, research and evidence for the benefit of all.

    In every stage there are both potential knowledge and communication gaps. Succeed is in the business of locating these gaps and filling them, using and transforming available resources in the process, while also collecting more realistic data on eating disorders.

    If you have research or an idea you could share with us, or a suggestion for a project we could partner on, please let us know by mailing us at info@succeed-foundation.org.